The cars are covered by insurance RCA under the ceilings of the law, including the policy Kasko, theft and fire with a deductible payable by the insured of the following amounts:

     Auto                                        Minimo                    Massimo

  Renault Twingo                     €. 361,52            10% Value of the vehicle

  Renault Clio                          €. 516,46             10% Value of the vehicle

  Volkswagen Caddy               €. 516,46            10% Value of the vehicle

  Renault Trafic                       €. 516,46             10% Value of the vehicle

  Volkswagen Crafter             €. 516,46             10% Value of the vehicle

Insurance for damage to the driver an extra charge of €. 3,00 daily.

For rental cars you must have turned 21 and have obtained the license B for at least two years.

ABC Noleggi

Via F.Livini, 4/A 53034 - Colle di Val d'Elsa (Siena)




The term "day" defines a period of 24 hours or part thereof starting from the moment in which the car was delivered to the customer.

Upon delivery of the vehicle the customer must issue a deposit for the amount of the deductible by cash, cashier's check or by credit card agreement with the rental. This will be returned to the customer upon return of the vehicle ascertained that there was no damage to it.

They can drive the vehicle only clients listed on the rental agreement.

Credit cards affiliated:

American Express   -  Visa -  Diners -  Maestro - Aura - Mastercard

The customer can not:

  • Allow or tolerate that others outside of the persons mentioned in the contract can drive the car
  • Drive the vehicle in a state where it is not valid green card insurance
  • Assign or sublet to third parties the object of the contract
  • Drive the vehicle in races, competitions or speed trials
  • Drive the vehicle under the influence of drugs, narcotics, alcohol or intoxicants.


Any dispute between the parties

The jurisdiction of Siena


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